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3 inch and 4 inch diamond dry core drill bits for concrete

1 High effciency, long life and no breaking of segments

2 Sizes of adaptor for threaded bit:M14,M16, G1 2 ",5 8 "-11

3 Applicable for drilling of brick wall,concrete, concrete with steel

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The 3 inch and 4 inch diamond dry core drill bits for concrete are the product of the continuous development of the times and the continuous advancement of urbanization. At present, many concretes are either demolished or reformed.

People in the construction industry know that concrete is no longer as difficult to disassemble or modify as it used to be. The appearance of diamond core bits used today has greatly improved work efficiency.

The commonly used 3-inch and 4-inch diamond dry core drill bits for concrete in our production are two very popular types in the current market.

Produced by Wanlong Diamond Tools: 3-inch and 4-inch diamond dry core drill bits for concrete

1 High effciency, long life and no breaking of segments

2 Sizes of adaptor for threaded bit:M14,M16, G1 2 “,5 8 “-11

3 Applicable for drilling of brick wall,concrete, concrete with steel

There are many techniques and precautions for the use of diamond dry core drill bits. When different masters use the same type of drill bit, the life of the drill bit is different. The mystery here is that the application method is different.

So how can we avoid problems in the application process, and at the same time, can also extend the use time of the diamond cutting disc drill bit? The marble cutting disc will be introduced in detail below.

1.During normal operation, it is forbidden to reverse the direction of rotation suddenly to avoid the drill bit from falling.

2.During normal operation, there should be no air leakage in the main air path of the air compressor, and sufficient air volume and air pressure must be ensured to extend the use time of the diamond drill.

3.When the new drill is used for the first time, it should be run-in at low speed for half an hour, and then gradually use it normally.

4. When operating in harsh geological environments, reduce the axial pressure and speed to avoid drill bit breakage.

5.During normal drilling operations, if the drill bit must be replaced halfway, strictly check whether there is debris in the hole, and ensure that the hole is clean before using the new drill bit.

6.In order to enable the normal and stable operation of the drill bit, the stabilizer should be replaced regularly.

Consistent Quality Control:

1. Raw material

have advanced device for diamond, powder ete inspection;

2. Finshed product

All produced product has been inspetion and approved before shipment.

3. Production

production procedure been strictly controlled by quality controlled department;

Any quality related problem that we are care and will solved for client.

Packaging & Shipping

Packge depends on the quanity and the product feature

1. By air

min. weight 35kgs; freight as per your airport

2. By Express

DHL, UPS, TNT etc. normally less than 35 kgs parcel, freight would be varousas per your country

3. By sea

can be Less than Container Load and Full Container Load; freight is according to the shiping company quoation to your seaport

Fast deliver time: 7- 15 days. To rough idea: most of order lead time is 7 days-10days.

F: If we have already paid, how long will it take to ship the goods?

A: It mainly depends on the quantity of the order. Our monthly production capacity of diamond cutter heads is as high as 3,000,000 pieces. Generally speaking, we can ship the goods within one week after receiving the payment. Specially requested products will be negotiated separately. If you place an order, Wanlong will inform you of an approximate shipping date.

F: If our products are not used well, what should we do?

A: Please provide me with specific feedback information. Analyze the reason: trying to find a solution. If it is Wanlong’s problem and cannot be solved, Wanlong will replace it.

F: How can I buy the most suitable diamond saw blade?

A: 1. Is the saw blade used for sawing, slicing, or other purposes?

  1. The hardness, abrasiveness and granularity of the stone. If possible, please provide samples or pictures.
  2. The machine used for saw blade is bridge cutting, table cutting or brick cutting.
  3. The main motor of the machine, the number of revolutions per minute of the shaft, the cutting depth and the cutting depth.
  4. The thickness of the base body with the proper size of the cutter head. 6 Basic requirements for the life of the saw blade The number of squares cut by each saw blade.

F: How do I know how much freight I need to pay?

A: To calculate the total weight of your goods, first choose a transportation method, confirm the current freight rate, then calculate the freight, and finally confirm the other costs and add them up.

F: After we pay, how long can we arrange the shipping?

A: It depends on the order quantity. Our monthly output of cutter heads is: 3 million. Usually, we will ship the goods within one week of receiving the payment. Special products, special consultations. Wanlong will inform the approximate sailing schedule before you place the order.

F: What is the minimum order quantity?

A: Any number of sample sheets is fine. For regular orders, Wanlong hopes that the weight of the ordered products can reach more than 45 kg (airlines have strict requirements on weight, in addition, the freight for goods under 45 kg is very high)

F: If we want to buy your products, can we provide free samples?

A: Wanlong never provides free cutter heads. This is a high-value product per unit, so very few diamond tool companies will provide free samples. If you want to test, please buy. According to Wanlong’s many years of operating history, people will pay more attention to the tools they get after payment. Although the number and amount of samples are relatively small, its cost is higher than that of ordinary products.

F: We sell saw blades in large quantities in our country, and we only sell them under our own brand logo. Can you put our logo on the saw blade?

A: We hope that you can mark Wanlong on the saw blade, because Wanlong is also a well-known brand in the diamond industry. However, if you insist on printing your company’s logo, we will do it for you, but one percent of the entire saw blade amount will be charged.

F: We plan to buy diamond tools from your company, but how can we confirm your quality?

A: Nowadays, many people like to use Chinese products. Although the quality is not the best, the price is very competitive. Wanlong is a professional with more than 20 years of history in the stone tool industry.

F: Do you have a stone cutter for cutting thin slabs?

A: Yes, we have a slab cutter-infrared automatic bridge stone cutter and integrated bridge stone cutter with the additional function of inclined cutting (0-50 degrees), you can choose manual or automatic. This is an optional feature.

F: Which is the best finger drill or oblique straight tooth with curved teeth?

A: Oblique straight tooth finger drill, this design is conducive to chip removal and water flow.

F: What is the difference between the cutting objects of turbine blades and agglomerated dry slices?

A: Compared with agglomerated dry slices, turbine slices have better continuity when cutting, and are suitable for cutting marble. Agglomerated dry slicing, suitable for cutting granite.

F: What is the difference between dry and wet slices?

A: The main difference is: the way the diamond tip is welded to the substrate is different. Wet cutting uses a brazing process. Half of the dry cutting is laser welding. Laser welding has a higher melting point. In addition to the welding method, another difference is: the carcass. The carcass of dry slices is relatively soft, making it easier to cut without cooling water.



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