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Solution to diamond bit wear

A diamond bit is a very hard object. We all know that expensive diamond drill bits are made from diamond rough. In fact, diamond drill bits are only a small part of diamond applications. Due to its properties, diamond is often used to make drilling tools. Diamond drill bits are expensive and always wear out during use. How to solve the problem of reducing losses?

Diamond bits are very sensitive to changes in formation lithology and changes with the rock during drilling. They are mainly used for drilling in soft and medium hard formations. At present, diamond drill bits have become an indispensable auxiliary tool in mine production. Diamond drill bit manufacturers need to have a certain understanding of its working principle and working environment when producing and using such drill bits. Only by understanding these can diamond drill bits suitable for various rock mining be produced.
The use of diamond drill bits for horizontal drilling, due to the different methods of drilling platform pressure, the working pressure is too small, which is not a good sign feature, so when in use, the number is usually used less, but the wear and tear will be more serious, Increased drilling time costs.

The reasons for drill bit wear are as follows.
1. Because the drill bit body is too low, the wear of the drill bit increases during deep drilling, and multiple drill bits can be replaced in one hole.
2. When drilling horizontally, the bottom of the well tends to accumulate heat, but water cannot.
Excessive temperatures will also increase the wear rate of the substrate. While a low matrix improves the drilling efficiency of the bit, frequent bit replacement due to bit wear puts significant pressure on drilling costs. So I recommend mid-range products with high cost performance.



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