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Proper use of rock cutting machine prolongs their life

In order to ensure and extend the service life of the rock cutter, we usually need to do the following:

1. Try not to wait until the rock cutter breaks down, and then rely on maintenance personnel to repair the equipment. Usually should do a good job of its maintenance work.

2. The cycle frequency of the equipment should not be chaotic, and try to avoid the internal components of the equipment from getting wet, otherwise it will cause the electronic components to deteriorate or be damaged.

3. After the rock cutting machine is purchased, try to use it as much as possible within the warranty period to prepare for later batch processing.

4. Operators are required to use the equipment carefully in accordance with correct operating procedures;

5. Relevant personnel are required to carefully maintain the rock cutting machine.

6. If the workload of the enterprise is not heavy, the equipment can be energized on time and idle for about 1 hour each time, and the heat generated by the equipment can be used to remove and reduce the humidity inside the machine to ensure the normal use of the equipment.



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