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Some relevant little knowledge about diamond saw segments

Diamond segment is an indispensable part of stone cutting tools. It makes stone cutting more efficient and faster. The following Wanlong diamond tools will introduce some related knowledge about diamond saw segments.

The chemical composition, particle size, shape and pressing characteristics of the metal matrix used to make the tool, as well as the particle size, Shape, strength and thermal stability, etc. Most general-purpose carcasses are composed of cobalt, iron, copper, tin, tungsten, and tungsten carbide.

In addition to the mining drills manufactured by the dipping process, when the hot pressing and cold pressing or sintering process are used, very fine metal powders are often used.

Diamond saw segments Regarding diamond abrasive, its type, particle size and concentration are the most important factors. The main difference between natural diamond and synthetic diamond is the distribution of inclusions in the shape of the crystal.

Natural diamond has low toughness, but has very good bonding properties. This is due to the fact that natural diamond has a very uneven surface. This makes it very practical for certain application conditions, such as for sawing frames in sedimentary and metamorphic rocks Saw on.

The matching of diamond particle size and concentration will be determined by the number of cutting points affecting the unit area of ​​the tool working surface. The particle size of the diamond and its strength and holding characteristics are determined by affecting the protruding state of the diamond crystal and affecting its matrix cleaning cuttings the channel.

It is crucial for efficient sawing of rock that there is enough space for the accumulation of cuttings and timely removal from the sawing area, while the sawed diamond crystals remain sharp and not subject to excessive loads.

The crystal shape of the diamond will affect its crushing characteristics. The complete hexahedral crystal shape and smooth crystal face make the diamond have good toughness, so it is difficult to fix and hold in the matrix. The best way to make the high-grade diamond not fall off as much as possible It is a thin film coated with strong carbide elements such as Ti, Cr, Si, etc. The suitable combination of plating type, carcass formula composition and tool processing conditions, due to the effect of diffusion impregnating binder and carcass, will The diamond is firmly held in the matrix. Another benefit of plating is to prevent the graphitization of the diamond surface and the erosion of aggressive matrix components.



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