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Stone Cutting Machine Price In Nepal

The stone cutting machine is currently the most widely used machinery in the stone industry, and is favored by stone merchants. For the booming Nepalese stone industry, the demand for stone cutting machines is also increasing.

So, what is the price of stone cutting machine in Nepal? Whether it is the application of stone cutting machines or the application of other related equipment, our users are most concerned about the price and quality of stone cutting machines when purchasing. Is it good or bad.

The overall structure of the stone cutting machine includes a frame composed of two columns fixed on the bottom plate and an upper beam connecting the tops of the two columns. The left and right axle seats are integrated with a sliding sleeve that can slide along the column, and a locking device is installed on the left and right sliding sleeves. Relatively speaking, the price of a good quality stone cutting machine will be higher, and the quality of the stone cutting machine will be higher. The price of stone cutting machines will also be reduced. At this time, we also need to consider the specific parameters and models of the stone cutting machine equipment when purchasing, and choose the stone cutting machine suitable for our own use.

Wanlong stone cutting machines combines block squaring machines(dressing irregular blocks into regular blocks), block cutting machine(cutting stone blocks into slabs), edge cutting machine(cutting slabs into tiles), Diverse shape processing machines etc.

Wanlong block squaring machine:CZSJ-2000 wire saw block squaring machine, LMX-3850/4850 block squaring machine.

Wanlong block cutting machine: QSQ-2200/2500/3000 blocking cutting machine,QSQ-2500/12P, QSQ-2500-20P, QSQ-2200A/2500A/3000A vertical plus horizontal cutting machine, QSQ-1600A vertical plus horizontal cutting machine, LMQ-2200/2500 Gantry block cutting machine etc.

Wanlong edge cutting machine: PLC-400/600/700 Edge cutting machine, YTQQ-600 Mono block bridge cutting machine, QZQ-900/1200/1600 Bridge cutting machine, SYQ-600 Manual cutting machine etc

Wanlong diverse shapes processing machine: SJ-2000A Numerical control wire saw, PLC-1200/1600 Profiling machine, YFQ-290/700 Bidirectional cuts machine.

Correct operation of stone cutting machine improves efficiency:

The operation and use of machinery is a very important thing, which has a great impact on safe production and production results. So how to use stone cutting machinery safely?

1. The operator’s knowledge

Operators must have general mechanical and electrical knowledge, remember to wear insulating gloves when operating.

2. Check the parts and power supply before starting the machine

Before starting the stone cutting machine, check whether the bolts and nuts of each part are loose, whether the power supply and wiring are leaking, and whether the placement direction of the saw blade is consistent with the direction of the arrow. Protective cover and you are ready to use.

3. Regular maintenance

Remember to check and maintain the machine regularly while it is in use. The traveling axles, main bearing parts and the bearing parts of the manual conveying device under the workbench should be checked regularly to remove dirt and add butter. If there is noise or abnormal vibration during the work, the mechanical inspection should be stopped immediately, the abnormality should be eliminated, and then the power should be turned on for use.



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