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Features of products processed by diamond wire saw cutting machine

The diamond wire saw cutting machine mainly plays the role of sawing. It is a saw designed to cut brittle and hard materials such as granite using the principle of a wire saw. Great for cutting hard materials.

It is precisely because it can save a lot of manpower and time that it is widely used, but some friends don’t know much about it. The following is a brief introduction to the product effect of the wire saw machine.

1. The use of wire saw can cut stone products with smooth cutting surface, neat cutting edge, accurate processing surface contour, standard size and small cutting seam.

2. The diamond wire saw cutting machine is not limited by the size of the building, and can be cut in any direction, such as cross-cutting, vertical cutting, oblique cutting, etc. The wire saw can also reduce the waste of stone resources, increase the output of stone products, get rid of environmental problems such as construction vibration, noise, dust, etc., with high efficiency.

3. The use of various wire saws to mine and process stone, and the use of new wire saws to mine and process stone can avoid the drawbacks of traditional stone mining and processing, reduce the dangers of workers, protect the environment, and achieve maximum savings in the use of resources.

Usually a wire saw machine consists of a base, a body set perpendicular to the base, a wire saw cutting mechanism, a wire saw tension adjustment mechanism, a photoelectric reader, a workbench and a workbench bracket, and a computer control system.

Secondly, the control and post-maintenance of the wire saw machine is also very important. Operators who do not know how to operate or who are unskilled can experience slippage, short ropes, or futile damage to the saw. Maintenance is to better improve work efficiency and improve work efficiency. The lifespan of the wire saw is also important.



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