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Types of stone grinding and polishing machines

If a stone is to be used in the field of building materials, it must be processed and polished through various processes. So what equipment does stone polishing have? What are the characteristics?

There are many types of stone grinding and polishing equipment, and there are different classification methods according to different angles. According to the number of grinding heads installed, it can be divided into:

1. Most of the single-head grinding machines such as manual polishing machines, bridge-type grinding machines, etc. are single-head grinding machines.

2. The multi-head continuous grinder can be divided according to the function that can undertake the grinding process:

(1) Single-function grinders such as large disc grinders, medium disc grinders, reverse rough grinders, etc. are mainly used for rough grinding (including leveling). Various straightening machines are mainly used for leveling (also rough grinding).

(2) Multifunctional grinding machines, such as hand rocker grinding machine, bridge grinding machine, multi-head continuous grinding machine, small disc grinding machine, etc., can complete the whole process of rough grinding, semi-finishing, fine grinding and polishing.

Large disc grinder for rough grinding of marble and granite slabs. It can also be used for rough grinding of products of various sizes and shapes. Due to the high labor intensity and harsh working environment, it is rarely used at present.

The medium disc grinder is used for the rough grinding of large marble slabs, especially for the rough grinding of large marble slabs with loose texture and high brittleness.

Small disc grinder, mainly used for grinding 305×305, 305×600, 400×400mm marble and granite slabs. A single machine can complete all operations from rough grinding to polishing by replacing the grinding disc. , 3-8 single machines can also be arranged in the order of grinding and polishing processes to form a grinding and polishing group to complete their own grinding and polishing processes.

The reverse rough grinding machine is mainly used for rough grinding and leveling of marble special-shaped slabs, and can also be used for rough grinding of granite special-shaped slabs.

Manual Polishing Machines are traditional mechanical processing equipment. The main features are simple structure, convenient and flexible operation, and convenient replacement of grinding discs. By changing the grinding disc, all operations of rough grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding and polishing can be completed in sequence. The more common ones are from semi-finishing to polishing. High production efficiency, one operation, mainly processing large plates, the maximum processing area can reach 3000 × 1200mm.

MS-2600/3000 Manual Polishing Machine

MS-2600/3000 Manual Polishing Machine

Wanlong Polishing Machine: MS-2600/3000 Manual Polishing Machine

This machine uses round column as its guide slip surface for steady automatic ups and downs Two optional main drive motors (single speed and dual speeds) are upon the clients choice It is applicable to surface grinding and polishing of tombstones, slabs and mosaic which needs to change the thickness frequently The workable for grinding interiorlexterior arcs is available upon customer s request.

Available for Arc slab polishing as well if assorted with table.



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