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The reason why the bridge cutting machine is not clean enough

In the process of operating the bridge cutting machine, sometimes it is found that the cutting section of the workpiece is not ideal, the finish is not good, resulting in substandard accuracy or even the workpiece is scrapped.

So what is the reason for this problem and has not been able to completely solve it? The specific details are as follows?

1. A point often overlooked by cutting users is that the steel plate load-bearing header is unstable. That’s why we always ask our customers to make headers according to the standard. If the header is not used or the welding of the header is not strong, if there are heavy machinery around, the vibration of the steel plate will cause the steel plate to swing or shift, and the finish of the cutting surface will be degraded during the cutting process.

2. The gap between some connections of the bridge cutting machine is too large. For example, there is a gap between the motor and the gear, the cutting torch is not fixed firmly, the lifting and height adjustment device of the cutting torch is unstable, the running bearing of the horizontal hanging plate is uneven or damaged, etc. The above conditions will cause the torch to shake during movement, resulting in tooth-like ripples on the cutting surface.

3. The verticality of the cutting torch relative to the steel plate will also affect the cutting effect. Therefore, it is also important to correct the verticality of the torch before cutting.

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