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What is the price of diamond wire saw machine

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, today’s stone mining has abandoned the traditional mining methods, using diamond wire saw machines to mine stone mines.

Compared with many disadvantages of traditional stone mining, today’s diamond wire saw not only cuts faster, but also is easier to operate, which not only effectively reduces mining costs, but also better protects the environment.

The diamond wire saw machine, which integrates many advantages, is favored by stone merchants. However, the price of the wire saw machine is not low, so how much does it cost to buy a wire saw machine?

The factors that determine the price of a diamond wire saw machine are: the brand of the machine, the motor of the machine, the Machine power, etc.

1. The brand of the machine

Different brands of wire saw machines have different prices, and the price of well-known brands of wire saws will be relatively higher;

2. The motor of the machine

The motor used by the manufacturer also affects the price of the diamond wire saw machine. Some manufacturers will use more energy-saving and efficient permanent magnet motors, so the price will be higher;

3. Machine power

The power gap is also a factor that affects the price of diamond wire saw machines. The power of wire saw machines commonly used in general stone mining are 15KW, 33KW, 55KW, 75KW;

Apart from the above factors, there are some other factors that will affect the price of diamond wire saw machine. If a friend intends to buy a diamond wire saw machine, you can choose to buy a suitable wire saw machine according to your needs.

Here we focus on a Wanlong wire saw machine:KSJ-65 Quarrying Wire Saw Machine

Technical features: The machine adopts the combination of Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor and Permanent Magnetic Synchronous drive, and applies the principle of constant tension control. It can automatically adjust the Traveling speed according to the change of the cutting force, so that the wire saw can be always in the best cutting state. It’s easy for wire saw to start cutting at low speed and constant torque, labor-saving and safe; large torque, compared with ordinary asynchronous motors, its energy consumption reduces 30% more, and cutting efficiency improve 50% more.



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