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Wear factors of diamond wire saw

The wire saw is an important part of the wire saw machine and is responsible for cutting stone, so its wear is relatively serious. So, what are the factors that cause diamond wire saw wear?

1. When the feed speed of the diamond wire saw increases. The wear of the wire saw also increases accordingly. Since beaded rope is more expensive, production costs will also increase.

Therefore, the feed speed cannot be blindly increased in pursuit of output. Factors such as market supply and demand, beaded rope prices, stone prices, labor costs, etc. should be comprehensively analyzed to select the feeding speed with the best comprehensive economic indicators.

Since the surface of the block is often uneven, in order to prevent the wire saw from being torn or even broken due to stress shock at the beginning of sawing, the feed speed should be 20%-30% lower than the normal sawing feed speed until the wire saw is fully advanced.

2. The cutting speed of the wire saw is closely related to the stone type, bead type, stone length and other factors.

For the same processing equipment, when the type of diamond wire saw or stone material changes, the sawing speed should be changed accordingly to obtain maximum wear resistance. After replacing the wire saw with a new one, it is best to cut soft stones first. And reduce the sawing speed and feed speed to facilitate diamond cutting.



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