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Granite saw blade wear patterns

Granite saw blade wear is affected by factors such as the material being cut, the feed and cutting speed selected, and the workpiece geometry.

The main forms of wear include: abrasive wear, local crushing, large-area crushing, shedding, mechanical scratches of the binder along the direction of sawing speed, etc.

Abrasive wear

Diamond particles constantly rub against the workpiece, and the edges are blunted into flat surfaces, losing cutting performance and increasing friction. The heat of sawing will cause a thin graphitized layer to appear on the surface of the diamond particles, greatly reducing the hardness.

Partially damaged

When the surface of diamond particles is subjected to alternating thermal stress and alternating cutting stress, fatigue cracks will appear and be partially broken, exposing a sharp new cutting edge, which is an ideal form of wear.

Extensive damage

Diamond particles are subjected to impact loads when cutting in and out, and the more protruding particles and grains will be consumed prematurely.

Fall off

The alternating cutting force causes the diamond particles to continuously shake in the bond, causing looseness. At the same time, the wear of the adhesive itself and the heat of sawing during the sawing process soften the adhesive.

During the process of sawing stone, the normal working condition of the granite saw blade depends on the wear and tear of the segments. Segment wear is essentially diamond wear and matrix wear. The wear of diamond and matrix is closely related to sawing parameters and stone properties, but the latter is an uncontrollable factor.

The selection of sawing parameters involves the cutting forces experienced by the diamond on the segment. Therefore, studying and analyzing the wear mechanism of the diamond and the matrix in the middle section of the saw blade when cutting stone has practical significance for the design and selection of granite saw blades.



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