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What do these three parameters of diamond saw blades refer to

The three major parameters of diamond saw blades are running speed, longitudinal cutting depth, and feed speed. details as follows:

Running speed:

During the working process, the linear speed of the diamond saw blade will change according to equipment conditions, the nature of the stone being cut, the quality of the saw blade and other factors.

From the perspective of saw blade service life and sawing efficiency, we can choose the linear speed of the diamond saw blade according to the different properties of the stone.

When sawing granite, the speed can be controlled between 25m/s and 35m/s. But if the quartz content is high and the stone is hard, the smaller the linear speed, the better.

When producing granite, small-diameter diamond saw blades can be used with linear speeds up to 35m/s, thereby improving production efficiency.

Longitudinal cutting depth:

Mainly reflected in wear, effective sawing, saw blade condition, sawing stone and other data. When the linear speed of the diamond saw blade is high, a saw blade with a smaller cutting depth should be selected.

Judging from current technology, diamond sawing depth can reach 1mm to 10mm, and large-diameter saw blades are generally used. When sawing granite, the depth can reach 1 mm to 2 mm, and the speed can also be reduced during the process.

When the line speed is higher, larger diameters can be used. When the saw blade performance and tool strength are within the controllable range, try to take a larger value to increase the cutting speed.

If there are requirements for the machined surface, a larger cutting depth should be used.

Feed rate:

The feed speed and the size of the stone being cut directly affect the sawing speed, the force on the saw blade and the heat dissipation at the sawing position. The value range should be selected according to the characteristics of the stone being sawn.

In general, when cutting soft stone, the feed speed can be appropriately increased. If the feed rate is too slow, the sawing speed will increase accordingly. When sawing stone with a finer structure and a more uniform structure, the feed speed should be increased appropriately. If the feed speed is slow, the blade will be easily ground flat.

However, when cutting stones with rough structure and uneven hardness and softness, the feed speed of the diamond saw blades must be appropriately reduced. Otherwise, the saw blade will vibrate, causing the stone to break.



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