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What are the advantages of marble mining wire saw machine

Wire saw machines have been widely used in stone mining. Marble wire saw machine is a kind of wire saw machine. So what are the advantages of using marble wire saw machines in mines?

for marble

The marble mining wire saw machine is mainly aimed at marble stone mining equipment, and is suitable for the mining and processing of marble with different hardness;

Advantages of Marble Mining Wire Saw Machine – Fully Automatic Control Program

The cutting speed of the wire saw machine is fast, and the operation is safe and efficient. Equipped with a computer program device to ensure that the driving motor maintains a constant tension;

360° flip

According to the cutting requirements, the operator can operate the control box to achieve cutting in different directions such as horizontal, vertical and inclined. The wire saw head can realize +/-180°rotation;

Advantages of mine marble wire saw machine – controllable line speed

The wire saw machine can flexibly adjust the cutting line speed according to the cutting process;

Low mining cost

The output of marble is high, and the comprehensive cost is low. The cutting surface of the stone cut by the wire saw is very smooth and will not cause internal damage to the stone. The kerf is small and will not cause waste of resources.



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