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What are the materials of diamond blades of different sizes

The diamond blade is composed of two parts: the diamond head and the base.The common diamond blade sizes on the market are 4 inch, 9 inch, and 14 inch.

The head of the diamond blade is composed of diamond and matrix binder. Diamond is a super-hard material that acts as a cutting edge. The matrix binder acts to fix the diamond and is composed of simple metal powder or metal alloy powder. .

Different compositions are called formulas, and the formulas are different from diamonds according to different uses.

The difference between good and bad custom-made diamond blades

Customized products: high cutting precision, neat cutting seam, smooth cutting surface, low cutting noise, no deformation of the matrix, and long cutting service life.

Custom-made unqualified products: the cutting seam is not straight, the cutting seam is not straight, the cutting surface knife mark is large, the cutting resistance is large, the blade vibration is large, the noise is large, the whistling, the edge is chipped, the tooth is broken, the tooth is dropped, the deformation, and the service life is short.

What kind of metal powder or alloy powder is used for diamond sintering

(1) The selected pre-alloyed powder carcass must rigidly support the diamond particles so that it will not be scraped off, will not sink deep in the carcass, and will not swim during the cutting process.

(2) For stone with higher hardness, such as hard granite, impact wear is the main factor in almost the entire circumferential speed range.

Therefore, a pre-alloyed powder with certain wear resistance should be selected as the matrix, and at the same time, it can match the type, concentration, particle size, cut material and use conditions of the diamond.



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