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Precautions when using marble cutting blades

Marble cutting blades are a common tool in the processing of marble and stone. They are professionally used for various marble and stone cutting blades. We can see them in many places, and they are prominent in architectural decoration.

Marble cutting blades are mainly used for cutting marble. Here we mainly come to understand the correct and effective cutting. What should I pay attention to?

First, we must prepare a marble cutting blade. According to the angle grinder used for the saw blade, the general angle grinder is hand-held. A common one is a cutting machine bought in a hardware store. , Cut into the size needed now, and fix and install the slate.

There are two reasons for adding water when cutting. One can reduce the flying of dust, and the other can reduce the temperature of the marble cutting blade during cutting. This can increase the service life of the saw blade, and the saw blade will not be affected by temperature. After deformation, the cutting accuracy is improved.

Install a saw blade with a portable disc cutter to cut from the back of the tile. Judging from the appearance of the tiles, the square holes are intact, but lines are drawn on the reverse side. To open the round hole, use a portable disc cutter to install the saw blade and cut from the back of the tile. , Cut a cross in the middle. Just tap a round hole from the outside.

Install the marble cutting blade on the cutting machine, adjust the cutting depth, place the artificial marble on the worktable, determine the size and start cutting.

Now lay the artificial marble flat, measure the scale with a ruler and draw a line, then install the stone cutting piece and slowly cut from the line. If you can add water to the mineral water bottle to improve efficiency.



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