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What is the best way to cut marble?

Marble saw blade in marble stone processing is very common, it is professional for all kinds of marble stone cutting, it is mainly used in all kinds of building decoration.

So what are the best ways to cut marble?

First to prepare cutting marble saw blade, in accordance with the Angle grinder saw blade, the general Angle grinder is handheld, common is the hardware store to buy the cutting.

After installing the machine, first measure the scale, cut into the size needed now, fixed installation of stone plate.

When cutting to add water, water intentions have two, one can reduce dust flying, the other can reduce the temperature of the marble saw blade in the cutting time, so as to improve the service life of the saw blade, and the saw blade will not be too high due to temperature deformation, improve the cutting accuracy.

With portable yuan plate cutting machine loaded with marble saw blade cutting from the opposite side of the ceramic tile, from the ceramic tile appearance to see the square hole is intact in fact, the opposite side to cut the line.

Open round hole also with portable yuan plate cutting machine loaded with marble cutting pieces from the ceramic tile on the opposite side of the cutting, cut the cross in the middle. Just knock it round from the outside.

Install the marble cutting piece on the cutting machine, adjust the cutting depth, place the artificial marble on the working table, and determine the scale to start cutting.

Put artificial marble flat, with a ruler measure and draw a line, and then install a good stone cutting piece, from the line slowly cut can be, if you can use mineral water bottle water to improve efficiency.



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