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Selection of granite saw blades and marble saw blades

Generally, we can distinguish between the patterns of the two. The texture of the granite is spotted, and the texture of the marble shows a colorful pattern, which is particularly beautiful. So how to choose a granite saw blade and a marble saw blade? First of all, we need to understand them. specialty:

1. In terms of rock hardness, marble is a soft stone, and granite is a medium-hard stone. In terms of hardness, granite is slightly better.

2. In terms of the types of rocks, marble is metamorphic rock, while granite is igneous rock. In addition, the colors of marble are diverse and colorful, while granite is mostly gray or white.

The characteristics of marble saw blade cutting

Marble is a metamorphic or accumulated carbonate rock. The structure is fine, solid, polishable, and has a wide variety of colors. It has beautiful natural colors and has low radiation.

Because it is not resistant to weathering and is rarely used outdoors, marble is usually used for interior decoration. And marble is more beautiful, with rich patterns and mild colors. After laying, the benefits will appear to be higher, rich and gorgeous.

In this way, higher requirements are put forward for the processing of marble, and the cutting requirements for marble saw blades are much higher than those for granite saw blades. It cannot show the phenomenon of chipping and falling corners.

The characteristics of granite saw blades

Granite has high hardness and is relatively easy to maintain. But it gives people a cold feeling and is generally used in the air and walls of outdoor or public areas.

Therefore, when choosing a saw blade, the accuracy of the marble cutting saw blade is relatively high, while the granite cutting saw blade has a higher hardness requirement.



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