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What saw blade for granite

Granite is a hard igneous rock.This natural stone is known for its super hardness and wear resistance, because it is more difficult to process than other stones.

So how to choose a granite saw blade? This is a problem that many stone manufacturers are very concerned about.

First of all, we observe from the appearance of the granite saw blade:

1.Compare the thickness of the blade and the thickness of the substrate. Assuming a 350-diameter marble saw blade, the blade is about 0.2-0.5mm thicker than the substrate, and for the same 350-diameter granite saw blade, the blade is about 1mm thicker than the substrate. The design is to increase the service life of the saw blade and avoid damage to the substrate.

2.If the cutter head is uneven and the canine teeth are staggered, it is easy to cause the edge of the plate and the cutter head to fall off during the cutting process.

3.The concentration and distribution of emery on the cutter head can be observed.Generally speaking, a good granite saw blade and the content of emery are relatively even and evenly distributed, not too little or too much.

4. Check whether the welding seam of the cutter head and the base body are vertically aligned. If some welding seams are not continuous or not aligned, it is not only easy to drop the cutter head, but also easy to affect chip removal and heat dissipation.

In addition, the sharpness and wear resistance of granite saw blades are also the main considerations.During the sawing process, they determine the cutting efficiency and the length of the service life.

However, these two are usually contradictory. If the more wear-resistant cutter head is not sharp, so when choosing, the owner of the stone factory will often entangle what kind of product can have both sharp and wear-resistant properties at the same time.



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