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What is the use of diamond cutting discs

Diamond cutting discs can cut hard objects, and can save labor costs in a lot of ways, so what are their effects?

Generally speaking, the working environment of diamond cutting discs is relatively harsh. The main purpose of the product is to saw stone. It is widely used in the cutting of marble, granite, ceramic wall and floor tiles and concrete products. It is the first and widely used in the stone and building materials industry. Processing equipment.

Circular saw blade cutting has the advantages of convenient operation, high efficiency, and good processing quality. However, the noise is large and the blade rigidity is poor.

During the cutting process, the saw blade is prone to vibration and deviation, resulting in poor parallelism of the workpiece being cut.

It is difficult for the main shaft of the sawing machine to withstand a large sawing force, which makes it oscillate during the cutting process and cannot cut a straight line.Although increasing the thickness of the saw blade can improve its rigidity, it is still difficult to guarantee the parallelism of the slices.

In addition, increasing the thickness not only increases the cost of the saw blade, but also increases the width of the saw gap and reduces the material yield.

The linear speed of external circular cutting is high, up to 50. The sawing depth is limited by the diameter of the saw blade. Generally, it does not exceed one-third of the diameter, and the sawing depth generally does not exceed 1 meter.

The most important factor in the quality of diamond cutting discs is the particle size of the diamond, which is one of the most important indicators for checking the wear resistance and sharpness of diamond cutting discs.

The existence of diamond saw blades is now widely used in many stone, wood and ceramic industries. With it, it has improved a lot of efficiency in cutting hard objects.



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  1. I find it interesting when you said that the operation will be more convenient with circular saw blade as well as bing highly efficient and having good processing quality. Because of that. manufacturers should invest in diamond tools like those in order to get the outcome they want to achieve for their products. And the items have to be of good quality to impress potential clients and have more sales by getting referrals from those that bought and got satisfied in the first place.

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