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When To Sharpen Worn Out Diamond Blade

In order to better play the function of the diamond blade, it is necessary to do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of the diamond blade; the diamond blade will become dull or even chipped after a certain period of use. At this time, if it is not repaired in time, it will affect the use of the diamond blade life, reduce the quality of sawing and destroy the function of the saw.

When To Sharpen Worn Out Diamond Blade? We can pass the intercepted iron filings, the quality of the workpiece, the efficiency of the saw blade, etc.

1. The color of the iron filings cut by the saw becomes heavier

When the color of the iron chips after the saw blade blocks the workpiece changes, such as the color becomes heavier (more blue), etc., at this time, you should check the state of the saw blade or check the condition of the equipment, and then look at the detailed parameter changes, such as the number of blocks. (square), according to the actual situation to judge whether grinding is needed.

2. The sound is abnormal when the saw blade is blocked

During the sawing process, if the sound of the saw blade is abnormal, rough, or there is a “click, click” sound, the condition of the saw blade should be checked. In most cases, it is a signal that needs to be ground.

3. The quality of the intercepted workpiece

When the saw blade cuts off the workpiece, its quality will not be much different at all, the appearance is relatively smooth, and there is no burr. Now is the time to sharpen the saw blade.

To sum up: When To Sharpen Worn Out Diamond Blade? Do not use the saw blade for an extended period of time, it will increase the difficulty of grinding, and if it is serious, it will be scrapped directly. When it comes to grinding, it is necessary to carry out grinding, and do not delay or place it. In order to avoid greater losses



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