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How to reduce diamond segment wear of granite saw blades

The working environment of granite saw blades is harsh, and long-term work causes the diamond segments on the saw blades to wear out, thus reducing the cutting efficiency.

The wear of the diamond segment reduces the cutting efficiency. In order to ensure the cutting efficiency, the worn diamond segments must be replaced continuously, which increases the cost. During the replacement, more time is wasted and the work efficiency is greatly reduced. So how to reduce the wear of the segment of the granite saw blade?

The quality of the granite saw blade itself, the diamond grade, content, particle size, the matching of the binder and the diamond, and the shape of the tool and other factors related to the tool itself are important factors that affect the wear of the segment.

The wear degree of the granite saw blade will be affected by the material to be cut, the selected feed rate and cutting speed, and the geometry of the workpiece.

Different workpiece materials have large differences in cracking toughness and hardness, so the properties of workpiece materials also affect the wear of granite saw blades.

The more quartz content, the more severe the diamond wear; if the content of orthoclase is obvious, the sawing process is relatively difficult; under the same sawing conditions, the coarse-grained granite is more difficult than the fine-grained granite. Cleavage cracking is difficult to occur.

Cutting off blocks: The sintered body of the granite saw blade is loose, and the material segregation will cause the saw blade to drop off during the cutting process;

Cutting knife jumping: Improper drop of diamond in granite saw blade will cause knife jumping, because the diamond is unevenly distributed in the matrix, some places are too concentrated, and some places are too scattered;

The cutting is not sharp: During the heating and sintering process of the granite saw blade, the change of the sintered structure and mechanical properties caused by the temperature gradient between the tooth tip and the tooth root, the powder activity state and the dispersion difference of the low melting point material.

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