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Why can diamond blades work at high speed


Why can diamond blades work at high speed? Wanlong diamond tool manufacturer tells you.

Everyone should know that each processing material and each processing method has its own high-speed processing range, so high-speed processing is a relative concept, and there is no detailed definition.

Generally speaking, high-speed machining technology refers to the selection of cutting tools and abrasives made of superhard materials that can move at high speeds to ensure machining accuracy and machining quality. Modern manufacturing and processing technology can greatly increase the material removal rate.

Why can diamond blades be used for high-speed machining?

Why can diamond blades be used for high-speed machining?

The first is that the diamond coating process has excellent mechanical properties of diamond blades.

Secondly, the diamond blade can also prepare milling cutters with arbitrary complex shapes for aluminum-titanium alloy aviation materials, graphite electrodes and other non-metallic materials that are difficult to process.

If the diamond blade can stop working at high speed, it needs certain conditions to support it. These conditions are indispensable. Without any conditions, the diamond blade cannot work at high speed.


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