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How long can diamond saw blades last

When users buy a diamond saw blade, the most important thing is how long it can cut and whether it is easy to use. Many dealers often give the number of kilometers, but this is not the case. The use time of diamond cutting discs is determined by many factors.

Take concrete saw blades as an example: concrete cutting is generally carried out on site, and the operating conditions are relatively poor. Situation), the saw blade will become dull and not sharp, which will affect the use. There is also insufficient water supply and overheating of the saw blade, which leads to premature wear of the saw blade.

In addition, the strength of the concrete is inconsistent, and the impact on the saw blade is different; the bones in the concrete (such as pebbles, hard granite, limestone, etc.) have a great impact on the saw blade, especially the pebbles, which are very hard.

There are also issues such as the quality of the cutting machine itself and the proficiency of the operator. A good diamond saw blade is influential. There is also the issue of cutting depth. The deeper the cut, the fewer meters will be cut. Conversely, the shallower the cut, the more meters are cut.

The above just shows how long the diamond saw blade can be used is not a fixed number, it is proven through practice.

1. Understand the purpose of saw blades. When you want to cut concrete, you must buy a concrete saw blade. When cutting stone, it is necessary to distinguish whether to cut granite, marble or sandstone. In addition, when you want to cut refractory materials, do not mix them. Because the manufacturer of these saw blades is determined by the cutting object. Some products are quite different, which will affect the cutting effect.

2. Compare prices and choose products; products of the same specification may have several different prices. You can take a closer look at the number of teeth and the number of teeth of the saw blade. The height and thickness of the (blade). Because these three are related to price. As for the appearance, it is secondary, but it must be determined whether the welding is reliable. Therefore, choose 3-5 available and reasonably priced saws to try.

3. Confirm the cost performance according to the trial results of the saw blade, and finally choose the product that suits you. During your use, use the granite saw blade correctly and whether the number of meters cut meets your expectations. If you think it is possible, you can rest assured to use the saw blades of similar products. If you are still dissatisfied, you’d better communicate with the manufacturer about the problem you imagine. Some manufacturers have the ability to meet your requirements.



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