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Ways to Extend the Use Time of Diamond Saw Blades

With the integration and subdivision of the industry, more and more industries use diamond saw blades in the production process, which also makes the varieties of saw blades more and more refined.

There are many tips and precautions for the use of diamond saw blades. Different operating methods make the life of the saw blade different. So how to extend the use time of the saw blade in a limited time while avoiding problems during use? The diamond saw blade will be introduced in detail below.

1. During normal work, stop the abrupt rotation and change the working direction to prevent the composite chip drill from falling.

2. During normal operation, there should be no air leakage in the main air duct of the air compressor, which should be sufficient to prolong the service life of the diamond saw blade.

3. When the new composite blade is used for the first time, it must be run-in at low speed for half an hour, and then gradually used normally.

4. Working in harsh environments, reduce axial pressure and speed to avoid drill bit cracking.

5. In the normal drilling work, if the drill bit must be replaced in the middle, before using the new composite drill bit, strictly check whether there is debris in the hole to ensure that the hole is clean and tidy.

6. In order to make the drilling rig work normally and stably, the stabilizer must be replaced regularly.

In industrial production, diamond saw blades are dangerous when used. “Tooth loss” caused by production or use may directly affect the function of the saw blade and the personal safety of the operator. Due to maintenance and attention to life, its safety is increasingly valued by manufacturers and users.



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