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Analysis of Abnormal Sound Produced by Circular Saw Blade during Cutting

If there is abnormal noise during the cutting process of the circular saw blade, most of the elements are caused by the unstable operation of the saw blade. How to avoid this kind of failure, it is necessary to clearly understand the actual causes

Analysis on the factors causing abnormal noise of circular saw blade:

When the metal cutting equipment is sawing and processing metal materials, its metal circular saw blade rotates at high speed. Under normal conditions, when the saw blade touches the metal material, it makes a dull and stable sound. If there is a harsh sound, it must be a problem at some part;

1. Incorrect tool lifting position

The so-called knife position refers to the position where the metal circular saw blade touches the material to be cut off. Normally, the saw blade should rotate first and then touch the material to be cut off, which is more reasonable during sawing. But sometimes, due to some parameter setting problems, the saw blade touches the material to be cut off first and then rotates, which will cause a large abnormal noise, which is also a serious damage to the saw blade

2. The feed speed is too fast

The feed speed of conventional high-speed circular saw is 4-12mm/s. If it exceeds this range, it will accelerate the impact force of metal circular saw blade on the material to be cut (the faster the speed is, the stronger the impact force will be). In this case, the cutting sound is greater than that of conventional saws. Because this working mode is a kind of damage to the saw blade itself, the sound it makes is different; It should be noted that increasing the feed speed of the metal circular saw blade without authorization will damage the saw blade teeth, and in serious cases, tooth breakage or tooth splitting may occur

3. There are iron chips at saw blade sawtooth

During the cutting process of the saw blade of the high-speed circular saw machine, a lot of small iron chips will be produced. If the chips are not removed in time, the iron chips will enter the equipment and cause the phenomenon of jamming, especially when they enter the sawtooth part, which will cause the sharp edge of the sawtooth blade can not directly act on the cut material and cause abnormal sound

4. The saw teeth of the metal circular saw blade are not sharp or have gaps

Any saw blade has its use time. If the early maintenance operation is not stopped, it is easy to form irreparable faults. We must stop the necessary grinding in advance; During operation, regularly check whether the sawtooth is normal. If there is a gap, stop the machine and change the saw blade



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