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Why can granite saw blade be processed smoothly

It is believed that many stone processing factory bosses have more or less encountered such questions after the final delivery. Why are the plates of this batch of goods not complete? Today, Wanlong will reveal the reason why the granite saw blade is used to process the flat plate

1. Idling of saw blade: especially when the new substrate is used for the first time, it needs to be idling for about 10-20 minutes. In summer, it also needs to be idling with water in high temperature. The purpose is to further eliminate the impact on the substrate when welding the cutter head, and enhance the recall of the granite saw blade to maintain the connotation quality under high-speed rotation

2. The cut block shall not be less than 0.5m?, It shall be placed stably. The bottom surface shall be padded with square timber and firmly stuffed. The block shall be placed on the symmetrical position of the workbench to ensure the stability of the workbench and the block without shaking or trembling

3. Adjust the travel switch according to the length, width and height of the block, so that the lifting of the saw blade and the travel of the skip car are within a reliable and effective range. Before sawing, the blade edge should be 10~20mm high from the quarried block. After sawing, the saw edge should be 20~40mm away from the bottom of the block. Before the blade carriage moves left and right, the saw blade should be completely out of the quarried block, with a distance of not less than 150-200mm, to prevent the blade from hitting the block

4. The granite saw blade can only be cut after its idling is stable. It is not allowed to start the saw blade when the blade edge touches the blank. It is not allowed to stop the rolling of the saw blade during cutting. It can only be stopped after exiting the saw blade

5. In case of any shaking of the block during cutting, the cutting shall be stopped immediately. The work shall be continued after the block is firmly fixed. During cutting, the block shall not be moved arbitrarily

Why can granite saw blade be processed smoothly

6. If the saw blade is obviously reduced or even clamped during cutting, it may be caused by belt slipping, loose compression nut, too deep cutting, too fast cutting speed, etc., which shall be adjusted in time

7. The linear speed should adapt to the hardness and wear resistance of the processed stone materials. Because of the complexity of granite types, the corresponding hardness will also be different. If the stone in a certain order is soft, you should inform your saw blade supplier of the type of stone you cut and let them supply the corresponding wear-resistant saw blade. On the contrary, if the granite is hard, you need a sharp cutting blade. If the stone you cut is complex, you need a universal saw blade



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