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Diamond Beaded Wire Saw Machine Partial Grinding

The eccentric wear of diamond beaded wire saw machine means that during the construction process of diamond beaded wire saw, because the diamond beads are not uniformly worn along the circumference, but only one side of the beads is worn, resulting in serious wear to the diamond beads. One side of the beading is even to the steel wire rope, but the other side has a thicker working layer, which greatly shortens the service life of the diamond wire saw machine, resulting in early scrapping.

Reasons for eccentric wear of diamond wire saw:

1. Before use, there is no twist at all or the number of twist turns is not enough;

2. The amount of lower knife is too large, and the diamond beads exert too much pressure on the cutting object, resulting in excessive friction between the diamond beads and the cutting object, thus preventing the diamond beads from rotating around the axis of the wire rope.

Diamond Wire Saw Solutions:

1. For standard use, pre-twist the wire saw before the wire saw is docked according to the requirements and different usage conditions;

2. Regularly check the wire saw during use. Once eccentric wear is detected, after cutting, increase the number of twist turns. According to the eccentric wear, the increase range is 20% to 100%;

3. Reduce the amount of cutting.



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