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Do you cut concrete wet or dry

Diamond saw blades have been widely used in concrete cutting. As a commonly used building material, concrete has a wide variety of components and complex properties. Therefore, the process of sawing concrete with diamond saw blades is very different from the process of sawing brittle materials such as stone. Big difference.

There are many problems that need to be solved urgently, but there are relatively few studies on concrete sawing, especially for steel fiber and steel mesh concrete.

Do you cut concrete wet or dry?

1 Dry cutting diamond blades usually have serrations or tooth edges to help cool the blade and eject waste. They work best when you do a series of progressively deeper cuts to avoid overheating the blade.

The disadvantage of dry cut stone is the tornado of fine dust it produces. If you cut concrete indoors, seal this area with plastic and duct tape to seal all duct openings.

2 Wet cutting diamond blades can have teeth or smooth, continuous circumference. Water not only helps to cool and lubricate the blades, but also keeps the dust down. These cuts are the fastest and cleanest, but they need a special saw that can both distribute water And use it safely around.

As an improvised option, you can stuff your saw into a GFCI-protected extension cord and have an assistant carefully direct a small amount of water in front of your saw.

What are the common cutting tools

1 Blades made of corundum may be cheap, but on a per-cut basis, they are more expensive than diamond blades.

If you rent a diamond blade, many rental centers will measure its circumference and charge you a certain fee before allowing you to use it. You can use a cold chisel and a sledgehammer to make small rough cuts, but the better choice is A circular saw with a special blade.

2 Abrasive corundum masonry blades are cheap. The blades are widely used and can cut concrete and asphalt.

They are able to withstand greater force, but they are not fast and slow. In most cases they can only cut a depth of 1/4 to 1/2 inch. So any cut is time-consuming. They also wear off quickly. The 7-inch diameter blade will wear down to 6-1/2 inches at the beginning of the cut.

After cutting a foot or two lines, it means that you need to adjust the depth of your saw frequently to expose more blades. The smell of abrasive corundum leaves, which produce fine feather dust, becomes so hot that they can actually glow.

3 The diamond blade is composed of a metal blade and a diamond/metal composite material combined to the periphery.

When the blade is cutting, the metal composite material slowly wears out, revealing a new sharp diamond cutting edge. The standard 7 inches of diamond blades.

Circular saws are a huge investment, but since they will surpass and exceed dozens of abrasive-type blades, it is worth the cost if you cut a large amount of concrete.



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