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How do you polish marble after cutting

Marble is a kind of stone widely used in the construction industry, and in most cases it is used to decorate walls and floors.

The marble we usually see is very bright. This is because it has been polished. Then how do you polish marble after cutting?

How do you polish marble after cutting

1.Before the work of polishing the marble, the marble art in the appearance must be first carried out, and the form of the decorative material must be converted into the material compatibility process of the marble, and then the marble will be smoothed and polished.

Especially for our interested colleagues who are interested in the premium treatment of marble, we recommend only waiting for the premium treatment after the leveling of the polishing agent.

2. The product mentioned in the product number. Then reprint the polished line according to the surface color of the line (mostly written well), and then calibrate it to ensure the surface color of the marble and a good blooming effect.

After 500# water grinding, normalize the numbers according to the instructions on the installation drawing, and remove and polish so that the polishing line will not bend at the contact point.

3. If it is misaligned at the exit, the grinding of the middle part must be kept as long as possible and the straightness should be checked during the grinding process. After the quality control is obtained, the polished and smooth line can be delivered.

4.After grinding, use a vacuum cleaner to treat the soil moisture, and at the same time use a blower to dry the soil. If the weather permits, you can also use natural air to dry the stone surface.

5.Spray water evenly on one side of the ground, polish it with a machine, clean the marble with a red cap, and then sprinkle an equal amount of water on the ground to start shredding.

6.Comprehensive soil protection treatment: If it is a wide-spaced stone, it must be painted with a marble protector first, and then ground again to increase the hardness of the floor.

Matters needing attention in marble polishing

1.After grinding, the grinding of the visible surface must be carefully controlled.

2. Polishing and polishing must be carefully checked.

3.It should be polished as long as possible along the direction of the wire to avoid undulations.

4. The polishing speed is faster.

5.In order to reduce the workload of coarse thorns and ensure good quality and uniformity of shape, it is best to polish the wire in large quantities or install special-shaped knives.



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