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How many square stones can a diamond wire saw cut per meter

As a new cutting tool, the diamond wire saw is efficient and environmentally friendly at the same time, making it very popular in the case of more and more attention to the environment.

The diamond wire saw is mainly a tool for cutting hard materials such as stone, reinforced concrete, mud and water buildings. It is a new and environmentally friendly cutting tool, and its work efficiency and production ratio have become the issues of great concern to customers.

How many square stones can a diamond wire saw cut per meter? It also needs to be analyzed through the cutting object, wire saw cutting machine, operator and operation method, and product differentiation (formula), etc.

1. Cut the object

When cutting materials, it is particularly important to select the corresponding cutting tools. In the process of cutting stone, the difficulty of cutting stone with higher hardness is much higher than that of cutting soft stone. When the same wire saw is used to cut hard stone and soft stone In the process, the consumption degree of diamond is also very different. The harder the material, the shorter the life of the wire saw, and the softer the stone, the longer the life of the wire saw.

2. Wire saw cutting machine

A high-efficiency and good-quality wire saw cutting machine also determines the usage time and wage efficiency of the diamond wire saw. Many builders do not know, and think that the wire saw machine is similar. In fact, the quality of a good wire saw machine is stable and cutting. In the process, there will be more reminders, and the cutting speed can be well controlled. In terms of machine fixation, a good wire saw will not have huge shaking, which is also a factor that can greatly improve the cutting life of the wire saw. one.

3. Operator and operation method

A skilled operator has a very high sensitivity to the normal and abnormal working wire saw, they can always solve the problem quickly, such as the current is too high, the skilled worker will adjust the wire speed of the wire saw in time, or Make other adjustments, such as observing whether the cutting stroke is correct, whether the cutting angle needs to be adjusted, etc., and after cutting, you can check the wire saw, plus the experience of rope saw winding, rope threading experience, etc., It can greatly improve the service life of the wire saw. With skilled operators, the service life of the wire saw can be greatly improved. The same wire saw can cut stones with the same hardness at home and abroad, and have completely different cutting data.

4. Product differentiation (formula)

Different products use different formulas. For example, there are currently three main types of bead agglomeration formulas for wire saws. The first is a wire saw with an iron-based formula. This wire saw has strong wear resistance and is cheap. It is suitable for all kinds of granite. The cutting of quartz stone mines and steel-mixed materials can maintain a faster cutting efficiency, but the disadvantages are also obvious, that is, the cutting life is short, the holding force on the diamond is not strong, and the diamond is prone to fall off.

The second is the low-cobalt-based diamond wire saw, which is mainly used for the cutting of marble and granite. The low-cobalt formula takes into account high cutting life and moderate cutting speed.

The third is a high cobalt-based formula product, which takes into account extremely high life and cutting sharpness, greatly accelerates the cutting efficiency, and is suitable for high-end markets, such as customer groups that require high quality wire saw products.

So how many square stones can a diamond wire saw cut per meter? Let’s take the low cobalt formula as an example to get the following data.

Marble and limestone: For cutting hard marble, one meter of wire saw can cut 25-35 square meters; for medium-hard marble, one meter of wire saw can cut 30-40 square meters, and one meter of wire saw can cut soft marble. Cut 35-55 square.

Quartz and granite: For cutting hard granite, one meter of wire saw can cut 5-15 square meters; for medium-hard granite, one meter of wire saw can cut 10-20 square meters, and for softer granite, one meter of rope saw can cut 10-20 square meters. Cut 15-30 square.

Steel-concrete part: steel-concrete structure for cutting hard and thick steel bars, one-meter wire saw can cut 0.5-1 square reinforced concrete. For steel-concrete structure cutting medium-hard and medium-thickness steel bars, one-meter wire saw can cut 0.8-1.5 Square reinforced concrete. Steel-concrete structure for cutting soft thin steel bars, one meter of wire saw can cut 1.3-2.8 square of reinforced concrete. To cut concrete, one meter of wire saw can cut 2.5-8 square.



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