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How to reduce the noise of quarry cutting machine

With the continuous development of resources, the development of mineral resources is becoming more and more frequent. During the quarry development process, many cutting equipment with different functions are used. Among them, the mining stone cutting machine is a cutting equipment for cutting stone in the mining process.

Adopting advanced cylindrical guide rail and hydraulic system, the cutting precision is high, and the equipment is stable and durable. However, during use, there may still be equipment failures, such as noise from the equipment. So, for the normal use of the equipment, what should we do?

1. The gears of the mining stone cutting machine are not tightly connected or lubricated, which will cause the gears to mesh with each other and generate noise;

2. The mechanical carbon brush collides with the slip ring, and the machine makes noise when it is working;

3. The screws of the mining stone cutter are loose. Once the machine is running, it will cause road conflicts, which will cause the machine to make noise.

If there is noise during the operation of the mining stone cutting machine, stop the operation immediately, find out the cause of the noise, and solve it in time, so as not to affect the normal use of the machine.



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