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Is the number of teeth of the circular saw blade as many as possible?

Is it good or bad to choose the number of teeth of the circular saw blade? Today I will sort out the relevant knowledge for you. The answer is that the number of teeth of the circular saw blade should not be too much. It should be judged according to actual needs, and the data of sawing materials should be reasonable and accurate.

Is having too many teeth on a circular saw blade an advantage or a disadvantage?

Too much will result in a narrow tooth pitch (the choice of tooth pitch and an extremely long chip distance, the workpiece material has a specific correlation), resulting in a metal circular saw blade with low tooth elasticity or easy damage. If you really need too many fine teeth, you must use them with caution, especially when sawing, you should pay attention to the direction of the iron filings and avoid entering the inside of the sawtooth seam.

1. Analysis of the advantages of too many metal circular saw blade teeth

(1) A saw blade with a large number of teeth will increase the sawing speed (cutting amount per tooth)

(2) The surface of the cut workpiece is smoother with more teeth, but it does not represent the parallelism of the cut.

(3) Reduce the probability of burrs after the saw blade cuts the workpiece

(4) The cutting stability is better, and there will be no knife return phenomenon

2. Analysis of the disadvantages of too many teeth on metal circular saw blades

(1) If iron filings enter the sawtooth gap of the metal circular saw blade, it is not easy to discharge, resulting in poor contact between the sawtooth and the material to be cut, affecting the cutting quality.

(2) The elasticity is too low, the number of saw teeth cannot be increased, but can only be reduced;

(3) The chip bag is too full, which is likely to cause instability;

(4) If the number of teeth of the metal circular saw blade is too large, it will cause material jamming;

(5) It is difficult to dissipate heat, which can easily cause overheating and greatly affect the working stability;

(6) Compared with the large serrated metal circular saw blade, it wears faster, resulting in an increase in cost;

(7) The length of use, that is, the life span is relatively low.



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