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Stone cutting machine related troubleshooting methods

Stone cutters are energy-efficient stone equipment that are widely used in the industry. Mechanical failure is a problem that may be encountered in production and use, which has a great impact on production efficiency and effect. So what is the reason for the failure of the stone cutting machine? How to solve?

1. the reason for the slow speed

1) The belt is too loose

2) The sharpness of the saw blade is reduced

3) The power supply voltage is low


1) Tensioning the belt

2) Grind the saw blade with a grinding wheel or a hard refractory brick

3) Make sure the stone cutting machine works under the rated voltage

2. The reason why the diamond saw blade does not rotate or does not rotate without load when the motor rotates

1) The transmission gear is broken;

2) The half round key is broken


1) Replace the transmission gear;

2) Replace the half-round key bridge cutting machine series

3. Reasons for the large swing of the stone saw blade

1) The output shaft bearing is damaged;

2) The splint or diamond saw blade is worn;

3) Poor installation of diamond saw blade (cutting blade)


1) Replace the bearing;

2) Replace the splint or diamond saw blade, and reinstall the diamond saw blade.



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