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Features of Marble Cutting Machine

1. The cutting knife group is placed on the upper part of the stone conveying table and placed on the frame, and the positioning guide plate is fixed between the cutting knife groups; the cutting knife group is composed of a motor, a belt, a cutter wheel shaft and a cutting tool, and the cutting tool is fixed on the cutter wheel shaft.

This marble cutting machine can cut stones of different depths, and can process stones below 1m3, turning waste into treasure, greatly saving stone resources, and also helping to protect the environment. It can be used for mechanical cutting of various types of stone, with high processing efficiency. And it can effectively use small stones, so that the production cost is low.

2. In the process of marble cutting machine, the common methods of plate cutting are manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine cutting and CNC cutting machine cutting.

Hand cutting machine

Manual cutting is flexible and convenient, but the quality of manual cutting is poor, the size error is large, the material waste is large, the subsequent processing workload is large, the labor conditions are harsh, and the production efficiency is low.

Semi-automatic cutting machine

Among the semi-automatic cutting machines, the copy cutting machine has a better quality of the cut workpiece. Due to the use of cutting dies, it is not suitable for cutting single pieces, small batches and large workpieces. Although other types of semi-automatic cutting machines reduce the labor intensity of workers, they have simple functions and are only suitable for cutting parts with relatively regular shapes.

CNC cutting machine

Compared with manual and semi-automatic cutting methods, CNC cutting can effectively improve the efficiency and quality of sheet metal cutting and reduce the labor intensity of operators. With the development of the modern machinery industry, the work efficiency and product quality requirements for sheet metal cutting have also improved. Therefore, the market potential of CNC cutting machine is still very large, and the market prospect is relatively optimistic.



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