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How to use diamond saw blades correctly and improve life

Diamond saw blade is a common cutting tool in the stone industry. Whether it is used correctly or not is related to whether it can work more efficiently, whether it can prolong its working time, etc.

How to use the diamond saw blade correctly?

When using a diamond saw blades, it is necessary to first check whether the facilities and equipment are in good condition, requiring no deformation of the spindle, no radial jump, firm installation, and no vibration.

Then pay attention to check whether the diamond saw blade is damaged, whether the tooth shape is complete, whether the saw plate is smooth and clean, and whether there are other abnormalities to ensure safe use. When assembling, determine the arrow direction of the saw blade and the main shaft of the facility equipment. The rotation direction is the same, and the shaft, chuck and flange must be kept clean. The inner diameter of the flange is the same as the inner diameter of the diamond saw blade, so as to ensure that the flange is closely combined with the diamond saw blade and cutting blade, and the installation is fine and accurate. pin, and tighten the nut.

It should also be noted that the feed speed of the diamond saw blades mainly depends on the performance of the processing material. For each material, when the depth of cut is certain, there is a certain range of feed speed. If the speed is too high, the diamond will be damaged. Accelerate the wear and even fall off, causing the saw blade to consume too fast. If the speed is too low, the self-sharpening process of the saw blade will not be carried out normally, from dullness, slippage, and loss of cutting ability.

How to improve the use time of diamond saw blades?

If you want to improve the service life of the saw blade, it is necessary to make the metal circular saw and the saw blade have a sufficient running-in process.

The cutting speed depends on the cross-section of the workpiece to be cut and its toughness. For materials such as stainless steel, which are not easy to cut, the slow down speed of the saw blade is very helpful to improve the service life.

During the operation of the saw blade, we must pay attention to the working conditions at any time. When we find that the saw blade is slipping, we must first stop and adjust it in time, and then check to see what is wrong. If it is the saw blade When a high temperature occurs, I need to add coolant to the saw machine in time. If the coolant cannot be added in time, the service life of the saw blade will be affected, and the cutting effect will not be ideal.

It is necessary to judge the current state of the saw blade according to the sawdust. If the sawdust is very fine and powdery, it means that the cutting pressure of the saw blade is too small. If it is relatively coarse sawdust, it means that the cutting is a little overloaded. The sawdust is a long spiral filament, which means that the state is better at that time.



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