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Cutting method of diamond beaded wire saw

Diamond beaded wire saws are the first choice for today’s stone merchants. Using it to mine quarries can not only effectively improve cutting efficiency, increase production, but also be more environmentally friendly.

What are the cutting methods of the diamond beaded wire saw with so many advantages?

Horizontal plane cutting method

The main purpose of cutting the ore body horizontally with the diamond beaded wire saw is to separate the separation body from the horizontal connection surface with the ore body. In marble mines, the cutting of the horizontal plane is a sawing process in which the separation body is separated and sawed, and then the vertical plane can be divided.

Vertical cutting method

The cutting method of the diamond bead saw for the vertical plane is the most common and basic cutting method. It is used in the cutting of the main cutting surface of the separated body in the open-air, tunnel or cave-type marble mines, as well as in the modification of blocks.

Sawing method of closed vertical back

When mining with a diamond wire saw, the separation body needs to have three free faces, but sometimes only two free faces are often found when the integrity of the ore body is in the early stage of mining. In order to mine marble mines with regular steps, if there is no supporting arm-type mining saw machine, a development ditch needs to be opened on the steps before starting the sawing of each step.

Other cutting methods using feed cutting column

In addition to assisting the diamond beaded wire saw to use the “back cutting method” for closed vertical back cutting, the feed cutting column can also perform other vertical sawing cuts. When cutting with this method, the cutting column is fixed by the anchoring wedge. On the side of the separation body adjacent to the cut groove, the cutting wheel at the bottom of the cut groove is fixed during cutting.



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