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How to Choose the Best Diamond Wire Saw

Diamond wire saw is an energy-efficient stone equipment. It is widely used in the industry and is favored by customers. With the continuous progress and development of the times, diamond wire saw technology is also constantly improving. So what advantages does diamond wire saw have now?

Advantages of wire saws

Compared with other diamond tools, the diamond wire saw is a flexible tool, which can not only be used to cut straight plates, but also special-shaped plates; it is not limited by the surface shape of the object, the work site is simple, and it can cut a large area; the diamond wire saw can be used to cut large areas. Improve resource utilization and reduce environmental pollution. Due to these advantages, its market size is getting bigger and bigger, and its application range is getting wider and wider.

With the advancement of technology, the use of powder granulation technology and automatic cold pressing technology can greatly improve the production efficiency of diamond wire saws. The diamond wire saw made by the method can greatly improve the comprehensive performance of the wire saw, and the large-scale use of high-performance diamond wire saw is of great significance for improving the utilization rate of stone resources, reducing the cutting cost per unit area and protecting the ecological environment.

The operation of the wire saw

Under the high-speed rotation of the cutting machine, the diamond wire saw uses water cooling to grind and cut the steel bar and concrete according to the specified position, so as to separate and dismantle the steel bar and cut it into two parts. This is the world’s more advanced vibration-free tool. , Dust-free, non-damaged cutting and demolition construction method. At present, on the drawings when various building plans are changed and rebuilt, it is often seen that the structure needs to be cut or retained by the wire saw cutting method. The wire saw cutting and demolition technology is A new type of static demolition construction method developed in recent years, which is environmentally friendly, efficient and safe, is mainly used in various building renovation projects.

Choice of Wire Saw

Wanlong is a professional manufacturer of diamond wire saws. If you have not used Wanlong’s products before, then buy our products for testing. If you have used our products for a long time, then congratulations, you are unknowingly Save a lot of expenses and improve your production efficiency.

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Wanlong Quarry wire were connected by long lasting, black colored rubber, plastic and spring that protects the steel cable for long time. In collaboration with customers, machine operators and leading machine manufacturer, Wanlong provide our customer with good performance in terms of cutting speed and also life time.

Specification for your reference:

The main specialties of abrasive diamond wires are :

1) To be able to used for large granite /marble /sandstone block quarrying ;

2) To get high percentage of forming dimension stone;

3) High manufacture efficiency;

4) Get the even and smooth slab

5) Safety, low-noise, no-dust and friendly surroundings;

6) Low cutting cost.



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