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Things to note when cutting granite saw blades

1. Burn the slices when cutting

The reason is that the base hardness of the granite saw blade is too hard, and the diamond in the segment falls off. It is also possible that the original saw blade was not sharp enough, resulting in a low diamond cutting height.

2. Pieces fall out when cutting

Due to the loose structure of the granite saw blade sintered body and material segregation, these will cause the saw blade to fall off during processing.

3. The knife jumps when cutting

The diamond particles in the granite saw blade are unevenly distributed. If it is too concentrated or too sparse, the diamond particles will fall off, causing the saw blade to jump.

4. Light up when cutting

This phenomenon is also caused by the shedding and improper distribution of diamond particles. At the same time, the substrate may be too hard or too soft.

5. Attenuation during cutting

First of all, during the heating and sintering process of granite saw blades, the temperature gradient up and down the segment, the active state of the powder, and the distribution of low-melting point substances lead to changes in the sintered structure and mechanical properties.

Secondly, during the processing process, due to the high hardness of granite, the vibration and impact force generated and transmitted by the granite saw blade in contact with it weakens the structural strength of the matrix, resulting in a decrease in control capabilities. There are diamond particles on the matrix; during the cutting process, heat will continue to accumulate, which will also weaken the mechanical properties of the sintered body of the granite saw blade.



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