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How are diamond cutting blades made

Diamond cutting blade is a kind of cutting tool, which is widely used in the processing of hard and brittle materials such as concrete, refractory materials, stone, ceramics and so on.

The diamond cutting blade is mainly composed of two parts; the base body and the cutter head, and the base body is the main support part of the bonded cutter head.

Classified by manufacturing process, it can be divided into sintered diamond cutting blades, welded diamond cutting blades and electroplated diamond cutting blades.

The reason why the cutter head can cut is because it contains diamond. As the hardest substance at present, diamond friction cuts the processed object in the cutter head. The diamond particles are wrapped in metal inside the cutter head.

The manufacturing process of diamond cutting discs is divided into three categories:

1. One is sintering

It is divided into two types: cold pressing sintering and hot pressing sintering, which are pressed and sintered;

2. The first is welding

There are two types of high-frequency welding and laser welding. High-frequency welding uses a high-temperature melting medium to weld the cutter head and the substrate together, and laser welding uses a high-temperature laser beam to melt the contact edge of the cutter head and the substrate to form a metallurgical bond;

3. One is electroplating

The blade powder is attached to the substrate by electroplating. The manufacturing process of diamond cutting blades occupies two of them. Except for electroplating, welding and sintering are all done.

The size above 350mm is the welding process, and the size below 250mm is the sintering process.

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