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How to choose a diamond cup grinding wheel

For the diamond cup wheel, I believe that many merchants in the stone industry are very familiar with it. It is often used for grinding and processing hard and brittle materials such as stone and ceramics.

At present, there are common diamond cup grinding wheel on the market including Wanlong, galileo, norton, dewalt, makita, hilti, dremel and other brands, so what are the advantages of diamond cup wheels?

The diamond cup grinding wheel has various advantages such as high grinding efficiency, good processing quality, and can grind extremely hard workpieces, and then it has become more and more widely used in the grinding and cutting of superhard materials. , Therefore, usually in the actual production, it is recommended to select and use the diamond cup wheel properly.

How to choose and use diamond cup wheel correctly.

1. The cup wheel should be thoroughly inspected before use. If it is found that the quality does not meet the requirements or the appearance has cracks and other defects, it should not be used.

2. The cup wheel should be directly connected with the mandrel, and the diameter of the flange should be 1/3 ~ 1/2 of the diameter of the cup wheel. There must be a washer between the flange and the grinding wheel

3. After the cup wheel is installed, it should be checked by jogging, run for 5 to 10 minutes, and can be used after confirming that it is normal.

4. When the cup wheel is running, the operator must not face the rotation direction of the cup wheel.

5. Wear glasses when operating to prevent flying sand and sparks from hurting your eyes. Wear gloves when grinding workpieces. Operators should stand on both sides of the grinding wheel.

6. When grinding the workpiece, the workpiece should approach the cup wheel slowly, and no excessive force or impact is allowed.

So how to choose a diamond cup grinding wheel?

Faced with many diamond cup wheel products, are you at a loss to start, and do not know how to choose?

What are the methods and skills of grinding wheel selection?

Choosing to buy also requires mastering certain methods and skills. Now there are many products sold in the market. We can also look at the advantageous value of our own when we make specific choices. Now many people know the function of the product. Choose with confidence. After understanding the basic materials, you can also know the impact of the product, and mastering some methods and skills can make you choose a satisfactory product. It will be better to choose according to the quality of the product. You can choose according to the specific choice. The quality of the product itself is selected, and it can also play a very good function in the process of use.

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